“If you need someone who understands how to make marketing work for industrial companies, you need to talk to Jehn. She knows how to apply marketing to one of the most difficult sectors – and make it work! Including for companies that rely on resellers and distributors. We’ve worked with her on a number of projects and I know that her clients (which were our customers) have been very happy and successful.”
— Fred Yee, CEO/President at ActiveConversion

“I was very lucky to have teamed up with Jehn. Her marketing skills along with her ability to “put pen to interweb” has made the start up of my company, almost easy. It is a joy to work with someone that is good at and enjoys her work. “Surround yourself with smart people, and you don’t have to be.” Very lucky to have found her.”
— Tom Ikert, President & CEO at Centurion Roofing Systems

“Jehn is an innovator and solid liaison/conduit who is already ready to support and improve her customer’s position. A pleasure to work with, knowledgeable, and has great attention to detail.”
— Sean Emery, Regional Product Line Manager at Weatherford Canada

“I’ve known Jehn for several years and she is always excited about what she is doing … and interested in learning new things which can help her in her job and her productivity.”
— Rob Bender, CEO at Well Master Corporation

“Jehn is energetic, personable, highly intelligent and strategic in her focus. She has a great eye for market opportunities and creates strong relationships. She is excellent at managing high growth environments. Jehn is truly a pleasure to work with. People with her band-width and exceptional performance that are also socially adept are rare indeed!”
— Coralie Banks, Strategist, Editor in Chief and Producer at Leaping Cowgirl Productions

“Jehn has always been a terrific person to deal with. She takes a genuine interest in the people she works with and is always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. A true professional and outstanding person.”
— Del Welsh, Area Manager at Premier Integrated Technologies

“Jehn is a focused individual who has her eye on technology and keeps up with the ever evolving marketing field. Jehn is a driver and tends to exceed at anything that is thrown in her direction.”
— Grey Daniell, Technical Services Manager at Well Master Corporation

“It is amazing to see the passion Jehn invests in everything she does. I was impressed by her attention to detail, determination and kindness. It is very motivating to see somebody so engaged in delivering great results.”
— Luis Berumen, Senior UX Designer at Oildex

“Jehn is very helpful in organizing to be an exhibitor at our Artificial Lift Workshops. It is a true pleasure to work with her and I value her enthusiasm and support.”
— Cleon Dunham, President at Artificial Lift Research & Development Council

“Jehn is a pro when it comes to digital marketing, and has a solid understanding of lead generation, digital advertising and lead nurturing campaigns. She is able to come up with clever marketing for very niche markets and has great “outside-the-box” thinking, which has always proved to be very successful. She’s also a pleasure to work with and very energetic and detail-orientated.”
— Gillian Galambos, Marketing and Communications Advisor, International at University of Calgary

“Jehn always has an exact vision for what she needs. She is able to effectively communicate what she is looking for and also listen to me on what is required to get it done. Her bubbly personality and interesting work makes it a pleasure working with her and I’d highly recommend working with her to anyone.”
— Kyle Marquardt, Photographer at Kyle Wayne Marquardt Photography

“Jehn is extremely detail orientated and easy to work with. She has a vast knowledge of her field and shows excitement, making you just as excited!”
— Kelsey Kashluba, Social Media Strategist and Trainer

“I’ve been working with Jehn… and am glad to admit that she is a joy to work with – She’s lighthearted, but always serious about the task at hand and never spares any details when briefing new design projects.”
— Steven Krentz, Graphic Designer/Owner at Krentz Creative

“Jehn is a master in marketing and knows her material extremely well. She’s able to recommend fresh ideas that align with her clients needs. Jehn has a strong work ethic, is super friendly, and someone I enjoy working with. I know I can rely on Jehn to provide quality work.”
— Alannah Chu, Administrator at Mahogany Homeowner’s Association

“I had the privilege of working with Jehn for a relatively short period of time however she showed great commitment to her role and the people she worked with. I knew her to be pro-active and able to produce quality results efficiently and effectively. Her creativity allowed her to bridge identified gaps in communication and assist in overall strategic planning.”
— Sue Graham, Former General Manager at Mahogany Homeowner’s Association

“I’ve worked with Jehn on several marketing projects, and she’s always been a pleasure to work with. She not only offers sage marketing advice, but makes sure her projects are professionally presented and meet the project goals.”
— Martha Boulianne, Marketing Manager at ActiveConversion

“Jehn is highly competent, well organized, possesses infinite capacity and is extremely easy to work with. She’s a great listener with an empathetic ear who knows what her clients want.”
— Keith Gylander, CEO at GearBox HyperInnovation